Genkimura Group

Tobu College of Medical Technology

Education Policy

Japan has now been the world’s most aged nations. It is experiencing ageing at a faster speed than any other developed country. During 2000 Fiscal Year Long-Term Care Insurance System is started. Care services were transformed from “Given services” by action measured system to “Selecting Own Services” by the Social Security Insurance system. Now, whether the quality of care, service itself, expectations for welfare specialist “Certified Care Workers” is growing. Develop specialized care in producing relationships deepen the understanding of the people who render care in addition to the nursing knowledge and skills learn in the school, and respect the autonomy of the individual, that someday they can find a reason for living, with a warm heart.

The Spirit of Founding

Our school train professional "Certified Care Workers" who contributes to the promotion of welfare and utilized the feature established from the viewpoint of practical education that links the field of welfare and education.In addition, to the acquired knowledge and skills concerns nursing care, our school aim is to emphasize the formation of human character that has "A human understanding and learn to serve others" and nurture care specialists who will contribute to the improvement to the welfare of mankind.

Basic Policy

1. To achieve a thorough education of the importance of humanity.
1. To promote the development of human resources, practical education and coordination intrusted by medical and welfare area.
1. To promote the education and guidance disciplined to be is supported from the region evaluated.
1. To promote the development of human resources that can be active in the international perspective.
1. To promote the establishment of a postgraduate education system for students.

Kanto Welfare College School Emblem keyword "Coexistence"

Kanto Welfare College School Badge

Human communication is an important role of a care worker. It is also said to be a person centered occupation. Kanto Welfare College emblem represents three colors and beliefs a person as a motif of the emblem that expresses "Backed up by the truths knowledge and skills, "The passion to touch the heart of a person"and "To trust and support a person".

Diploma Policy

In addition to acquiring knowledge and skills related to nursing care, a "care specialist" with a warm heart that deepens the understanding of the caregiver, respects the independence of the person, and creates a relationship that enables them to find a purpose of life It becomes.

School Features

Kanto Welfare College 3 Features

1. The curriculum is tied with the field of welfare facility

The care worker staff from our group facilities is invited in class to teach and share their knowledge and reflect the know-how that is acquired in the care facility.As well as acquiring knowledge and skills concerning nursing care and welfare. We set a curriculum that focus on the formation of human character that is required at the site of the care facility.

2. The environment is close with the field of welfare

Before the induction of training and guidance by the inviting sister facility and staff, we re-recognized the purpose and objectives and also the mental attitude of the students. And every year we also conduct Study and Research Committee about nursing care for the elderly in cooperation of different Nursing Care Facilities together with the Care Worker staff; our students participate and listen to the research of their seniors as part of their learning opportunity.

3. Priority employment in our group facility

In our group facilities, we have 36 facilities in Kanto region that composed of special nursing home and long-term care health facilities for the elderly. And also our school prepares a suitable environment for our graduates to prioritize their employment after graduation.

Facility and Equipments

1st Floor

School Entrance Gate

School Entrance Gate
Kanto Welfare College school entrance gate has a bright entrance that fully captures the early morning light.

Caregiver Lab

Care Training Lab
Align with advance equipments such as electric bed, wheel chairs etc. and a place where students can learn caregiving tehniques that is applicable in various nursing care field.

2nd Floor

Student Hall

Student Hall
It is a free space to expand communication with fellow student during recess or after school.

3rd Floor

Home Economics Lab

Home Economics Lab
Students will learn meal planning, meal preparation and clothing/fabric sewing techniques that are use in the field of nursing care.


A treasure trove of information where welfare related books and latest nursing care articles are found. Desktop computers are also set in the library.