Genkimura Group

Tobu College of Medical Technology

Career Guidance

Our entire group will cooperate and support students' careers.

Our entire group will cooperate and support students' careers.

Student Guidance is classified on three levels, For General guidance "Employment Orientation & Guidance", Seminar form "Group Guidance" and "Individual Guidance" is classified in three levels of one on one guidance. With these efficient interrelationship, we are actively supports the job-hunting activities of the students and one of the unique characteristics of our school is that our school is managed by Genki Group that owns different nursing care facility through that it is possible to get a career preference in nursing care facilities.

3 Kinds of Career Guidance

1. Employment Orientation Camp

Through the 3 days and 2 nights Camp this is a chance for the students to listen to their seniors who are active in the field of welfare to raise awareness towards Job Hunting.

Each Facility type is divided into groups which is guided by teachers and seniors in the field of work for the purpose of eliminating the anxiety of the students and have a chance to ask questions pertaining to employment.

2. Career Guidance

Introduction of Genki Mura Group Corporation Facility, how to write a resume, learn about dealing the basic interview. Earnest Job hunt starts here.

3. Individual Interview

Individual guidance is done by a class teacher adviser in consideration of the student’s hopes and righteousness. It is also the chance for student to frequently asked questions to their class teacher adviser for the fast track prospective pertaining to their target employment.

Year Round Schedule