Genkimura Group

Tobu College of Medical Technology


Certified Care Worker(National Qualification)

With the specialized knowledge and skills, mental changes caused by aging in people with physical disabilities, routine nursing care are performed in accordance with mental and physical condition and also for their families about the care it is a welfare specialized knowledge to perform the careful guidance.

・Graduation is Equivalent in getting the National Exam Qualification
*National examination will be imposed from 2016 fiscal year enrollment by law revision. However, five years will be a grace period


Diploma (Myogo)

College, Vocational school and to those who have been granted the title of certified care workers, which is granted to graduates of specialized courses that has been observed transfer to university third year during April 1999.
・Will be granted at the same time during graduation

Activity Worker

(Specified Non-profit Corporation) Activity service council certification

Depending on the person who will receive the care the chance to feel the fun and joy in daily life becomes less so the aim of this is to determine in the lives of the person not only to sing, to play games and have exercised but also to perform the assistance to activities that will contribute to their life, mind and body.

Life Saving Course (AED Course)

In the course of care activities you may encounter emergency situations, unexpected injuries and sudden illness of people.
In the case of emergency, we cited the high life-saving effect allowance of the correct first aid until doctors and emergency personnel arrived.
In recent years, many facilities have their own AED. Our school teaches Life saving training like cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use the AED in case of emergency and make sure that you will learn the correct knowledge and skills within 2 years.

・To attend the four days course at the specified venue
There is also Red Cross first-aid rescuer training course for self registration, make the application by selecting the available course date and time.

Application to:
Japanese Red Cross Society, Saitama Prefecture Branch
3-2-23 Nakacho Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken