Genkimura Group

Tobu College of Medical Technology

Annual events

School Entrance Ceremony
Greeted with a lot of smiles of current students and the faculty, entrance ceremony will be held, with a chest full of hope for a new life with peers who have the same dream.
Oral Care
Care in Brushing of Teeth and Maintenance of Dentures. It is possible to prevent illness of the mouth and prevent aspiration. Furthermore, Performs Study of Oral Care that you have done for the purpose of maintaining and improving the Health of the Whole body.
Cooking Practice
By the status of the elderly, cooking method differs. It’s a must to Study some Practical cooking .Depending on the Facility you are required to do some simple cooking.
We actively participate in volunteer activities in the community welfare. New Human relationship is nurtured through its activities, and learns socialization and solidarity.
Sports Festival
Maintaining a Healthy body is important in the Field of social welfare. Let`s spend a good time while everyone is in sweat and laughing together.
School Festival
School Festival offers Student handmade food corner, nostalgic face play and elderly simulated experience. It is also the chance to interact with many people in the community from young ones to elderly.
International Exchange Festival
To contribute to the local community, students of our school also participated in the "International Exchange Festival" held at the Konosu City Activity Center. This was an opportunity for local people to understand about multinational culture and at the same time for students to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.
Graduation Ceremony
Certified Care Workers will leave their nest and greatly spread their wings in the New World. We also arranged Graduation Party to be able to share there joy with the School Staff.