Genkimura Group

Tobu College of Medical Technology

Facility and Equipments

By taking advantage of the group management facility, you will learn the Basic Knowledge and Skills・Heart during the Hands-on practical training. The Kanto Welfare College offers stepwise practical training from first year up to the next. The Basic Knowledge and Nursing Care technique learned from school. Through the practical training in the actual field of expertise, you can experience higher practical technique. We also offer a regular basis of various special courses to enhance the experience on welfare.

In addition, Kanto Welfare College is utilizing the network operated by Genki Group and has partnered a number of Practical Training Facilities. Practical training in the field of practice rather than only to acquire knowledge and skills related to welfare, but also to polish the mind and the heart.

Facility Name Location
Mamuro Tanpopo Shoyouen
Sho You en Konosu-Shi
Ryokufuen Gyoda-Shi
Sun Village Kumagaya-Shi
Konosu Tanpopo Shoyouen Konosu-Shi
Tokiwaen Yoshimimachi
Saikaen Kumagaya-Shi
Anseien Honjo-Shi
Elusa Ageo Ageo-Shi
Kurihashi Sho You en Kuki-Shi
Tamanoo Kumagaya-Shi
Kawasatoen Konosu-Shi
Facility Name Location
Sakuraen Kitamoto-Shi
Fukiageen Konosu-Shi
Ikoinoie Kitamoto-Shi
Konosu Flower Palace Konosu-Shi
Kounotori Konosu-Shi
Care Park Konan Kumagaya-Shi
Nursing Home Shoyouen
Nursing Home Shoyouen
Green Pia Gyoda-Shi
Ageo Aiyu no sato Ageo-Shi
Hanyuen Hanyu-Shi

Volunteer Work and Community Relted Activities

We actively participate in volunteer activities in the community welfare. New Human relationship is nurtured through its activities, and learns socialization and solidarity.
In order to embody the feeling of "I want to help people", We invite practitioners of various field to work in the region, to understand the welfare needs, experience volunteer activities and deepen the learning through interaction between students.