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Frequently Ask Question

Question What is the male and female ratio of students?
Answer Male 40%, Female 60%
Question. Is the class has School Teacher Adviser system?
Answer Yes, we operate one School Teacher Adviser per class.
Question Graduated from Highschool or even graduated in past years can qualify to take the exam?
Answer Yes, School exam qualifications are High school graduate, Post-Graduate, those who are graduating from high school equivalent of academic ability (Certified qualification's, High school Candidate for graduation.), of course College, Junior college, College graduate, those who are already working in the society who have been graduated already can take the examination. (For more information, please refer to the application guidelines.)
Question Is Student Discount available at school?
Answer Yes, Not only Student Commuter Pass, but Also During Internship Period Student Discount is available in all variety of Public Transportation and long distance more than (100km) are available.
Question Is it possible to work Part-Time?
Answer Yes, You can, Unless it will not interfere your Academic Study.
Question What kind of person does fit in the field of welfare?
Answer Person who"likes people" more than anything else, a person who "likes to contact with the people" of the people, people who have a rich sensibility in caring his/her partner, who is not easily discouraged when he/she encounter failure, a person who have a mental strength,a person who is healthy, a person who have confidence in physical strength,a person who is cooperative and who is flexible to cooperate with the surrounding and lastly a person who is energetic,cheerful and have a good moral character.
Question What is the work description of a Certified Care Worker?
Answer Certified Care Workers is a National Qualification based on the Certified Social Welfare Act and Certified Care Workers Act.Person other than the Certified Care Workers can not claim the title qualification.(Certified Social Worker Act and Certified Care Worker Law Article 48 are named in the monopoly.Certified Care Workers has the Specialized and Professional Knowledge,Skills and Emphathy for the people with disabilities,elderly people who experience emotional crisis due to aging,conduct day to day care according to mental and physical condition and to guide their families about how the Certified Care Worker professional perform the guidance.
Question Is The Certified Care Worker Certification will not be bestowed upon Graduation?
Answer In 2007 Certified Social Workers and Certified Care workers Law was Amended. As a Certified Care Worker who specialized in (geriatric)elderly care it is required to take a National Examination in all qualification route.In a 2 Year Training Colleges like our school it will be expected to imposed in year 2014 enrolled Freshmen students who will graduate in year January 2016 implementation.
  Qualifications for Certified Care Workers
Question What are the possible places that a Certified Care Worker can be active?
Answer Certified Care workers active working field reflects the long-term care insurance system implemented since 2000 and are increasingly expanding the width of the selection.Our Graduates are also active in variety locations.
  Special Nursing Home (Retirement Home) Special Nursing Home (Retirement Home)
Admits elderly ranging 65 years of age or older with physical and psychological incapability that requires care and attention and for those who is difficult to be take care at home.
  Long-Term Care Health facility Long-Term Care Health facility
Supports the elderly when it comes to rehabilitation, that aims the elderly to return to their respective home to perform their activities of daily living either there are living alone or living with their families. There is no need for hospitalization.
  Medical Treatment ward group Medical Treatment ward group
A Facility that admits the elderly in primary nursing care state, management on medical treatment assisted by a Medical Staff, elderly that is under medical supervision, and lastly it provides rehabilitation and other necessary medical care for the elderly.
  Handicapped Custodial Care Facility Handicapped Custodial Care Facility
A facility that carry out the intensive Treatment and constant care for handicapped patients.
  Severe Psychosomatic Disability Facility Severe Psychosomatic Disability Facility 
A Facility that performs the intensive treatment and daily life guidance of Severe intellectual impairments and physical disabilities of an individual. Children were also admitted.
  Day Service Center Day Service Center
A facility that allows elderly to attend 1-2 times per week to carry out the activities of daily living such as bathing services,meal services and recreation.The day service center also provides a pick up lift bus.
  Home Helper Services Home Helper Services
A Home Visit Service that provides families with elderly and Handicapped/disable patient in assisting in bathing, preparing meals,dietary guidance and housework services such as shopping and cleaning.
  Group Home Group Home
A Support Facility with 5-9 elderly dementia patient living together in a homely environment and assisting them in their activities of Daily Living such as preparing meals etc.The Facilty aim the elderly to be independent in their activities of Daily Living.
  Social Welfare Council Social Welfare Council
Social Welfare Act makes it is an organization that aims to promote community welfare that establish Welfare Facilities in the municipalities in different prefectures nationwide.